MSL Services


MSL is a versatile company, certified to provide engineering services to the Construction Industry. Our specialties include but are not limited to Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Observation, and Materials Testing. Our highly skilled certified field technicians are signatory to the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150.


The purpose of Material Solutions Laboratory (MSL) as a company is to provide the highest Quality Control/Quality Assurance for all construction testing services, consistent with good standard of practice to clients in both the public and private sectors. MSL will take into account the client’s requirements for technical expertise, schedule and budget, and the overall complexity of the assignment. Our expertise will reflect the total utilization of our professional, technical and support staffs and to provide equal opportunities for employee growth and advancement.




Engineering Consultation

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Engineering services provided by MSL are conducted and reported in the strictest level of privacy to ensure that the information and client’s proprietary rights remain confidential. The quality program shall be in compliance with all requirements of the contract documents, supplemented by all Federal, State and local construction codes, standards, regulations and statutes.




Construction Materials Testing

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Whether its asphalt or concrete, we have the qualifications to handle your testing needs. Feel free to contact us to find out how we can help your project meet its goals and budgetary limitations. Our clients have come to depend on MSL’s materials engineering and testing staff of professionals to protect their interests during the final design and the construction phases of their projects.




Laboratory Testing

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MSL maintains multi-faceted modern materials testing laboratories equipped with with the latest technologies to accurately collect and measure data. At MSL, we are aware that inaccurate evaluations and construction delays translate into extra costs. Our team of engineers and engineering technicians help our clients anticipate and minimize potential issues and delays saving time and money.


Soil Testing

Including but not limited to; densities, proctors, plasticity indexs, gradations, - 200's, fly-ash, cement and lime stabilization, and geotechnical testing.




Concrete Testing

Including but not limited to; slump, air, cylinders, beams, yield, coring, cement content, mix design verification, batch plant inspection and rebar inspection.




Asphalt Testing

Including but not limited to; densities, cutback sampling, cores, specific gravity, bulk density, gradation and extraction, mix design and stability.




Structural Steel Testing

Including but not limited to; weld inspection, A325 bolt torque, welder qualifications, magnetic particle inspections, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, paint thickness, holiday testing and sandblasting inspection.


MSL is committed to providing excellent services to clients by performing quality work, which meets the current industry standards.

MSL will coordinate specific project tasks with the various technical disciplines of other project members.  The project schedule will be updated as tasks are completed or other conditions change during the time of the project.