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MSL - Material Solutions Laboratory


MSL is a company committed in providing clients with excellent service and engineering expertise in the construction industry. MSL is an Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) certified Professional Civil Engineering Firm pre-qualified in Quality Assurance and Quality Control providing complete Field and Laboratory Materials Testing for a variety of construction requirements as well as engineering consulting services.


Since the formation in 2007, MSL has quickly risen to be considered one of the top materials testing firms in Northern Illinois. MSL has achieved this success by providing consistently accurate, timely submission of all required reports, and by providing highly experienced field technicians and engineers that are well qualified to perform the required task.




Soil Testing


Including but not limited to; densities, proctors, plasticity indexs, gradations, - 200's, fly-ash, cement and lime stabilization, and geotechnical testing.





Asphalt Testing


Including but not limited to; densities, cutback sampling, cores, specific gravity, bulk density, gradation and extraction, mix design and stability.





Concrete Testing


Including but not limited to; slump, air, cylinders, beams, yield, coring, cement content, mix design verification, batch plant inspection and rebar inspection.





Structural Steel Testing


Including but not limited to; weld inspection, A325 bolt torque, welder qualifications, magnetic particle inspections, and ultrasonic inspections.